I’ve been working on video production since 2006. My first experience working with video was at Rosetta Biosoftware. I created internal video tutorials that demonstrated how to use a Web-based bioinformatics tool used by Merck scientists. I’ve been developing videos ever since.

Video is a popular medium for how-to content, and it’s growing in popularity among organizations to use as a tool for supporting customers. Most of my video skills were acquired on the job. Sometimes I’ll get in front of the camera; other times I’m behind the scenes interviewing subjects or co-directing a production.

I’ve worked with Camtasia, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Audition. I specialize in writing scripts for video and have experience in creating shot lists and storyboards to help direct productions. It’s a thrill to see a video idea come to life.

Here are some samples of video projects I’ve contributed to.

EMC Isilon’s ID.TV

ID.TV is a production of the Information Development (ID) Solutions team at EMC Isilon. These videos focused on providing customer support content for Isilon products through instructional videos. The typical format was to have a host present information about a concept or task, and then provide a live-action demonstration or animation.

My role was to produce videos from concept to completion using in-house resources. I would be assigned a video concept, and then I was responsible for writing the script, directing the production, and editing the footage using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Audition.

Visit the Isilon Support playlist on the EMC YouTube channel. Here are direct links to videos I produced:

Mixpo Tutorials

At Mixpo, I created video tutorials about the Mixpo platform, which is used for creating, publishing, and monitoring video ad campaign performance. I wrote scripts, used Camtasia to record and edit footage, and published the final video to a Help website.

To see an example of the types of tutorials I created, you can watch one about using Mixpo’s Campaign Tracker app for the iPad when you download the free app.

Stories About the UW Learning Experience

At the University of Washington Professional and Continuing Education (UWPCE), I was part of a team that produced videos about our certificate and degree programs. Specifically, we wanted to illustrate the learning experience for individual programs as told by the instructors and students. It was fun conducting the interviews on camera. Later, I would edit the script and add b-roll to complete the story. Videos that I worked on are below:

UW Master of Science in Biomedical Regulatory Affairs, 2012

Faculty and alumni describe how this degree program prepares future leaders in drug, biologic and medical device industries. Most of the footage was shot on location at PATH in Seattle, WA, where some students did their internships.

Other videos

Here is a list of other videos I produced. The videos are not available on YouTube because the certificates programs might have been discontinued.

  • UW Certificate in Psychological Trauma: Effective Treatment and Practice, 2012
    Instructors and alumni discuss how this interactive program teaches the latest evidence-based trauma therapies for working with different populations.
  • UW Certificate in iPhone and Cocoa Development, 2011
    Instructors and alumni discuss how this program helps students achieve their goals of becoming an iPhone developer and releasing high-quality apps to the marketplace.
  • UW Certificates in Business Intelligence, 2011
    Instructors and alumni discuss how these two business intelligence certificate programs cover cutting-edge tools and techniques in analytics, and ultimately position them to do more BI projects in their field.

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