I write product documentation for the ExtraHop Discover appliance and the ExtraHop Command appliance. Examples of my work can be found on the ExtraHop documentation website. The type of documentation I create includes conceptual information, procedures, walkthroughs, and frequently asked question (FAQ) documents.

Here are samples of my documentation:

EMC Isilon

Customer Support Blog

I launched a customer support blog in October 2013 called the ISI Knowledge blog ( I worked with the EMC Blog and Social Media team to establish publication guidelines and manage the editorial calendar. Articles were published articles once a week by me and guest authors. The goal of the blog was to help customers find new and relevant documentation and support content. For example, the blog highlighted new knowledge base (KB) articles, product releases, and videos.

Here are some notable examples of my blog posts:

Rosetta Biosoftware

I developed release notes and contributed to user guides for the Rosetta Resolver System, the Rosetta Elucidator System, and the Rosetta Syllego System, which were software products for managing and analyzing microarray, proteomics, and genome-wide association (GWA) data, respectively.

Release Notes

Here is an example of release notes for the Rosetta Elucidator System.