Shooting an iPad

Last week I had fun experimenting with a video shoot starring an iPad app. I was taking footage of hand gestures and program responses for a tutorial video that I’m currently working on. Initially, I was primarily using screen shots captured on an iPad 3 for the video (which looked amazing thanks to the retina … Continue reading

Sand and a Twitch in my Eyes

In early September, I wrote about enjoying my moment of being a new mom transitioning to new job. I’m happy to report that this is still true one month later, but I’ve been rubbing more-and-more sand out of my eyes since. Fun Days and Restless Nights My daughter seems to love her day care. When … Continue reading

New Blog About Brass Tacks

At my new position, I’m primarily focused on producing video content, and it’s made me acutely aware of my tendency to write flowery, detail-laden prose. When writing a script for a two-minute video, there isn’t a lot of time for tangents and dense speeches. It’s mainly about getting to the point and connecting with your … Continue reading

Enjoying the Moment

A few months ago I wrote about anticipating two big changes in my life: the arrival of my baby and a new professional direction. I’m happy to say that my daughter arrived healthy and happy. But the scope of the professional change was bigger than I anticipated — I landed an exciting new job as … Continue reading

A Surreal Moment

I’m 40 weeks into my pregnancy. My due date is Friday. At the moment, I’m sitting is a cafe working on my netbook, logged into my work network over the VPN, and sending out emails at a lightening-fastĀ  pace to stakeholders and co-workers about website and content management projects. I want to finish up some … Continue reading

Riding the Wave of Change

These past few months have been both exciting and exhausting. Change is approaching like a giant swell on the ocean — the momentum is building. At first glance, the enormity of it is overwhelming. But it’s all positive. The best way to handle it? As the band, Superchunk, puts it: stop swimming and learn to … Continue reading

Avoiding the Temptation to Use Jargon

For science writers, this guideline is almost universal: don’t use jargon. But using jargon is an easy crutch when trying to describe something that’s complicated. It’s tempting to use one word to describe a scientific concept, rather than search for a jumble of general terms (that have the caveat of being inaccurate or misleading) to … Continue reading

Discovering Open Science

A topic that has captured my interest this past month is “open science,” a movement that promotes collaboration among scientists on research questions by using digital tools, such as open source software and blogs. In my opinion, right now is an exciting time to be a science communicator. We’re heading into a golden age of … Continue reading

How Soon Do We Start Yawning?

Yawing is a universal sign for sleepiness and boredom. Yawns are also contagious — observing a person yawn creates an empathetic chain reaction in others. In general, researchers believe that yawning is an arousal mechanism. Some theories suggest that yawns flush carbon dioxide out of our bodies, and others that yawning cools the brain. Some … Continue reading