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The Powerful Combo of Video and Data

I think this is a fantastic example of how to make data and statistics mind-blowing by using video. I especially enjoyed how the author begins with bar charts to illustrate income inequality in the US; but concedes that bar charts don’t really drive the point home. Using a compelling script and clever animation, he turns … Continue reading

Spring Rowing

Last night I went rowing on Lake Union in the evening, and it was glorious! The water was flat, the sun was setting, and the air was cool and comfortable. It feels like spring in Seattle, which means another rowing season is beginning. This winter in Seattle was relatively mild. But anytime there is sun … Continue reading

New Blog About Brass Tacks

At my new position, I’m primarily focused on producing video content, and it’s made me acutely aware of my tendency to write flowery, detail-laden prose. When writing a script for a two-minute video, there isn’t a lot of time for tangents and dense speeches. It’s mainly about getting to the point and connecting with your … Continue reading

Enjoying the Moment

A few months ago I wrote about anticipating two big changes in my life: the arrival of my baby and a new professional direction. I’m happy to say that my daughter arrived healthy and happy. But the scope of the professional change was bigger than I anticipated — I landed an exciting new job as … Continue reading

A Surreal Moment

I’m 40 weeks into my pregnancy. My due date is Friday. At the moment, I’m sitting is a cafe working on my netbook, logged into my work network over the VPN, and sending out emails at a lightening-fastĀ  pace to stakeholders and co-workers about website and content management projects. I want to finish up some … Continue reading

Riding the Wave of Change

These past few months have been both exciting and exhausting. Change is approaching like a giant swell on the ocean — the momentum is building. At first glance, the enormity of it is overwhelming. But it’s all positive. The best way to handle it? As the band, Superchunk, puts it: stop swimming and learn to … Continue reading

Science Q&A

I’ve spent the past few weeks deciding what the focus of my new blog should be. I knew I wanted to write about science. I also wanted it to have a broad appeal that relates to my community in Seattle, WA. At first I thought that I would blog about the latest science topics and … Continue reading