I Can’t Wait to Draw More!

This past month I’ve been working in a data analytics group at my current job — participating in discussions about data analysis and brainstorming ways to communicate analysis findings in a fun way. It’s “big data” in the sense that we’re mining large data sets for business intelligence insights. But my task is rooted in science writing, in the sense that I want to distill analysis findings into soundbites that are exciting and relevant to various audiences, while also being accurate to how the analysis was conducted.

I’ve been dabbling in simple data visualizations (bar charts and such). I’ve created a wiki and PowerPoint slides. But data infographics are all the rage. There are so many cool examples of data visualizations to choose from.

Creative Ways to Communicate Ideas

Today I came across several examples that focused on the same theme: using comics to communicate ideas. Of course, comics are a well established storytelling medium. But applying this medium to technical areas such as UX and big data feels like fun to me!

Here they are:

Picking Up the Pencil Again

As a kid, I was always drawing and creating comics about a character named “Tickey” (he was a simple smiley face with floating hands and feet that went on ordinary adventures…I was only eleven). But as I developed into a budding young scientist, I left drawing behind and become more analytical. My recent transition from scientist to writer was motivated by a desire to tap into my creative side again. But it’s been slow going.

Now I have the opportunity to pick up a pencil and paper again. Ready, set, go!

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