Shooting an iPad

Last week I had fun experimenting with a video shoot starring an iPad app. I was taking footage of hand gestures and program responses for a tutorial video that I’m currently working on.

Initially, I was primarily using screen shots captured on an iPad 3 for the video (which looked amazing thanks to the retina display). However, I wanted to demonstrate the navigation scheme for jumping between two tools within the app. The screen captures didn’t quite convey what I needed. After researching a couple of screen recording solutions for the iPad, I decided to film it. We have some nice equipment in the office, and I had access to a lightbox.

Here are some pictures of the setup. The lightbox worked great for soft lighting, and prevented glare in the reflective iPad surface.

Shooting an iPadAlthough I was happy with my first attempt, there are still some camera tricks required for getting the final video to look really good. For example, I need to record at a frame rate that matches the refresh rate of the iPad (to avoid moire lines). For the sake of time, I might opt to use an app that can mirror the iPad screen onto my desktop, and record actions on the screen from there. But in the end, it was fun trying it out and seeing what worked and what didn’t. I’m thankful that I have the freedom to be creative and try out new techniques.

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