Sand and a Twitch in my Eyes

In early September, I wrote about enjoying my moment of being a new mom transitioning to new job. I’m happy to report that this is still true one month later, but I’ve been rubbing more-and-more sand out of my eyes since.

Fun Days and Restless Nights

My daughter seems to love her day care. When I drop her off in the morning, she stares intently at the children with wide-eyed fascination. I can tell that she can’t wait to get mobile and start playing with them. At the moment, the best she can do is reach out her little hand and rest it on the arm of her 9-month-old baby friend who happens to crawl by.

While it’s great to see her get excited by her new environment every day, it’s translating into sleepless nights for us. Lucy went from sleeping a glorious 8-10 hours a night before day care, to waking up every three hours now, like she did when she was first born. She takes three naps during the day, and I try to put her to bed early in the evening — which is what most baby books recommend. But she is either so excited for the next day or so hungry from growth spurts and burning off thousands of calories, that she can’t sleep. She’s always in a good mood in the morning, so I know she’s getting enough rest; but it would be nice if she got it sequentially during the night hours.

I’ve always been a light sleeper, but this level of fatigue is having new, strange effects on me. Mainly, I have a ridiculous twitch in my lower left eyelid that will not go away. My left ear has also been plugged up for a week now. Like many new parents, I sometimes have trouble finding words to describe things while talking (writing is usually fine). Needless to say, this can be kind of embarrassing given my line of work.

When I ask other parents for advice, they just shrug their shoulders. Lack of sleep is just a fact. But I’m nervous that Lucy has gone from being an A+ sleeper — the envy of all parents — to a problem one. What bad sleep habits is she forming now? When will she sleep through the night again? How long can my eye twitch like this?!

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