New Blog About Brass Tacks

At my new position, I’m primarily focused on producing video content, and it’s made me acutely aware of my tendency to write flowery, detail-laden prose. When writing a script for a two-minute video, there isn’t a lot of time for tangents and dense speeches. It’s mainly about getting to the point and connecting with your audience. Therefore, therein lies a new challenge for me as a professional communicator.

I’m excited by this challenge, because video content and succinct writing are becoming the preferred methods for online communications (at least that how it looks now…). But I need some help in refining some old writing habits. I still have a scientist-brain that loves getting lost in the details.

Which leads me to my new blog that I started on Tumblr called, “Beautiful Brass Tacks.” The goal is to post quotes, articles, pictures, etc. that illustrate how concise communications equals brilliant communications. In the style of Pinterest, I’ll use this blog as a pin board for words, displaying inspiring examples or thoughts. I’ll also practice finding the “brass tacks” of a concept and writing about it. Time will tell if this exercise will help, but it’s be worth a shot.

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