Enjoying the Moment

A few months ago I wrote about anticipating two big changes in my life: the arrival of my baby and a new professional direction. I’m happy to say that my daughter arrived healthy and happy. But the scope of the professional change was bigger than I anticipated — I landed an exciting new job as a usability specialist/product evangelist in the midst of learning how to be a new parent.

An Opportunity to Simplify

Typically, I’m very analytical. However, these days I don’t have time to over-think things. There is so much to do and learn. I have to use my energy wisely and not complicate things. Therefore, I find myself living in the moment more and more, and it’s pretty sweet.

My daughter, Lucy, enjoying a peaceful moment in a park.

For me, the key is being well prepared. And the trick to being well prepared is to simplify things.

One example of this is my desk in my new office. It’s clutter-free. At my last position, almost every inch of my cubicle was covered with posters, notes, nick-knacks, etc. Piles of printed papers were always scattered across my desk  collecting dust. Now I only have a couple of key books and mementos available to me if I need inspiration. I feel like I’m making room for ideas by removing all of those distractions.

At home, instead of having a different place to be every night, I now have a consistent low-key schedule. I spend a couple of hours of quality time with my daughter, put her to bed, pack her day care bag and then spend time with my husband.

I admit that going through all this change has been exhausting. I’ve had to put off many things I love doing, for example rowing, because it would be just too much. And I don’t want fatigue and anxiety to get the best of me. Right now there is so much to enjoy, and I want to enjoy it fully.

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