Science Q&A

I’ve spent the past few weeks deciding what the focus of my new blog should be. I knew I wanted to write about science. I also wanted it to have a broad appeal that relates to my community in Seattle, WA.

At first I thought that I would blog about the latest science topics and news as I came across them. But I realized that most of the blogs or articles I enjoy reading answer common questions using scientific, but also fun, explanations. I also love explaining the science-behind-things to my friends and family.

Therefore, I decided to focus my blog on Q&A articles. I’ll pick a question each week and dig into the science behind it to find the answer. To bring it back to my community, I’ll look and listen for questions that arise in my daily life and share them with you. It could be anything related to the environment, health, or technology. For example:

  • What is the “cloud” really all about?
  • How long does it take for food left on the counter to spoil?
  • Why is it important for Seattlites to care about vitamin D?

If you have a question, please email me.

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