Practical blog writing tips for scientists

A Share Your Science event recently took place in Seattle. This event was a workshop for scientists who wanted to practice writing for public communication. Around 15 years ago, I made the switch from lab scientist to professional writer. Even though I wasn’t able to attend the event, I wondered about the type of writing advice I … Continue reading

Making space again for creativity

Ah, back to blogging. I only managed to write one blog post in the past two years. But I think about blogging, a lot. I buy notebooks with the intent to jot down blog post ideas, drafts, and outlines. Some nights I wake up with paragraphs floating through my brain. It’s just hard these days to write … Continue reading

The Powerful Combo of Video and Data

I think this is a fantastic example of how to make data and statistics mind-blowing by using video. I especially enjoyed how the author begins with bar charts to illustrate income inequality in the US; but concedes that bar charts don’t really drive the point home. Using a compelling script and clever animation, he turns … Continue reading

Spring Rowing

Last night I went rowing on Lake Union in the evening, and it was glorious! The water was flat, the sun was setting, and the air was cool and comfortable. It feels like spring in Seattle, which means another rowing season is beginning. This winter in Seattle was relatively mild. But anytime there is sun … Continue reading

April is Analogy Month

Analogies have been on my mind this week. It first came up in a discussion thread. I’ve been taking a Coursera course about leading innovation in an organization, and part of the MOOC learning experience is participation in weekly discussion forums. This particular forum topic was about making sense in groups. I responded to a … Continue reading

I Can’t Wait to Draw More!

This past month I’ve been working in a data analytics group at my current job — participating in discussions about data analysis and brainstorming ways to communicate analysis findings in a fun way. It’s “big data” in the sense that we’re mining large data sets for business intelligence insights. But my task is rooted in … Continue reading

An Inspiring Mix of Media for Storytelling

My friend and boss alerted me to the New York Time’s article, “Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek.” My friend, a web designer, described it as “the coolest interactive feature that she’s ever seen,” and I agree with her. It’s an inspiring mix of media to tell a complete, compelling story. I don’t think … Continue reading